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Allergen Information

Our staff need to be informed of your allergy every time you dine with us even if you have eaten the dish before so that every precaution can be taken in our kitchen to prevent cross contamination. This can be done via the order notes when placing the order. This guide is for informational purposes only, we cannot guarantee it may be correct.

Due to the manufacturing process of the spices we obtain from all over the globe, there is a potential for trace elements of all the main allergens like Peanuts and other nuts, Sesame seeds, Cereals containing Gluten, Milk, Celery, Soya, Mustard & Sulphates.

If the product says "Allergies: None known", please check with a member of staff before ordering.

If you have any questions, please ring us. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.


Chicken Tikka Allergies: Please Ask
Lamb Tikka Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori ChickenAllergies: Please Ask
Sheek KebabAllergies: Please Ask
Tandoori King PrawnAllergies: Please Ask
Meat SamosaAllergies: Please Ask
V Veg SamosaAllergies: Please Ask
V Prawn PuriAllergies: Please Ask
V Onion BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Pickle tray per person
Selection of 4 dips
Allergies: Please Ask

Tandoori & Grill

Main course cooked in the tandoor clay oven

Tandoori ChickenAllergies: Please Ask
Chicken TikkaAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb TikkaAllergies: Please Ask
Sheek KebabAllergies: Please Ask
Cooked with green pepper, tomato & onion
Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori Mixed Grill
Tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, lamb tikka & sheek kebab
Allergies: Please Ask
Tandoori King PrawnAllergies: Please Ask


Curry dishes in your choice of spice, either madras (fairly hot) or vindaloo (very hot)

KormaAllergies: Please Ask
Cooked with banana and Lychees
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with yoghurt
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked in a thick sauce with onion and tomatoes
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with diced onions and mixed peppers
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with fried tomatoes
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with spinach
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with crushed garlic
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with fenugreek
Allergies: Please Ask
Bhuna style sweet & sour
Allergies: Please Ask
Bhuna style sweet & sour
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with lentils, sweet & sour
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with green chillies, ginger & a twist of lemon
Allergies: Please Ask
Chilli Masala
Saucy with green chillies
Allergies: Please Ask
Saucy with green chillies
Allergies: Please Ask
Lamb curryAllergies: Please Ask

Signature Dishes

Our chef’s creation of traditional and new fusion Indian cuisine

Lamb Mirchgosth
Lamb cooked with ground black pepper with lemon grass for a spicy kick
Allergies: Please Ask
Lamb Asadi
Medium dish in a bhuna style sauce infused with fresh green olives and feta cheese
Allergies: Please Ask
Cooked with naga pickle
Allergies: Please Ask
With mushrooms
Allergies: Please Ask

Balti & Korai

A style of cooking originating from Pakistan. Tender succulent pieces of chicken, lamb or prawn marinated in a special sauce.

BaltiAllergies: Please Ask
KoraiAllergies: Please Ask
ShorbaAllergies: Please Ask
Traditional Bengali style curry with an intense pepper flavour
Allergies: Please Ask
Pan cooked with courgettes in a thick tomato and onion sauce
Allergies: Please Ask

Biryani Dishes

All biryani dishes are cooked with basmati rice and accompanied with vegetable curry

Chicken Tikka BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb Tikka BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
V Vegetable BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
Chicken BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
Prawn BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask
King Prawn BiryaniAllergies: Please Ask

Tandoori Curry Dishes

Tandoori Grilled meat/seafood cooked in a masala curry sauce

Chicken Tikka MasalaAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb Tikka MasalaAllergies: Please Ask
Chicken MakanAllergies: Please Ask
Lamb MakanAllergies: Please Ask
Tandoori King Prawn MasalaAllergies: Please Ask


Tandoori baked breads

ParathaAllergies: Please Ask
Plain NanAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic NanAllergies: Please Ask
Peshwari NanAllergies: Please Ask
Keema NanAllergies: Please Ask
ChapatiAllergies: Please Ask

Vegetarian Dishes

V Paneer Chana MasalaAllergies: Please Ask
V Vegetable BaltiAllergies: Please Ask
V Vegetable HandiAllergies: Please Ask
V Vegetable TavahAllergies: Please Ask
V Vegetable CurryAllergies: Please Ask
V Vegetable BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Mushroom BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Cauliflower BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Bombay PotatoesAllergies: Please Ask
V Brinjal Bhaji
Allergies: Please Ask
V Aloo GobiAllergies: Please Ask
V Saag AlooAllergies: Please Ask
V Tarka Dhal
Flavoured lentils
Allergies: Please Ask
V Dhal Masala
Spiced lentils
Allergies: Please Ask
V Chana BhajiAllergies: Please Ask
V Garlic Mushroom PotatoesAllergies: Please Ask
V Saag Paneer
spinach with Indian cheese
Allergies: Please Ask
V Gujarati Potatoes
potatoes with curry leaves & coconut oil
Allergies: Please Ask


Plain RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Pilau RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Special Fried RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Mushroom RiceAllergies: Please Ask
Garlic RiceAllergies: Please Ask


Mixed RaithaAllergies: Please Ask
PoppadomAllergies: Please Ask
Masala PoppadomAllergies: Please Ask
Lime PickleAllergies: Please Ask
Mint RaitaAllergies: Please Ask
Mango ChutneyAllergies: Please Ask
Onion SaladAllergies: Please Ask
V Chips
Allergies: Please Ask
Curry sauce Allergies: Please Ask


PepsiAllergies: Please Ask
Pepsi DietAllergies: Please Ask
AppletizerAllergies: Please Ask
Perrier water (sparkling water)Allergies: Please Ask
Orange juiceAllergies: Please Ask
Bottle water
750 ml
Allergies: Please Ask

Pickle tray per person